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Art is an effective tool that brings people from different corners of the globe and various eras together through traversing the national and political borders established by humans throughout history. It can overstep any temporal boundary drawn by rules of nature as its language is universal and its effects exerted timelessly. Within the current times where the world is struggling with the pungent taste of miseries and hardships caused by wars, diseases, and climate changes, here, at AJ Art Gallery, we strive to alleviate this by employing art as an impactful device for raising awareness of cultures and concepts.

At AJ, we not only have artworks created by eminent artists on offer but also give a chance to budding talented artisans to appear on a platform where they gain recognition for their artistic abilities and creative expression.

In addition, at AJ Art Gallery, we make a conscious effort to benefit art enthusiasts and art practitioners by being selective about the exhibits we offer and providing a friendly environment where they can conveniently see, select, and purchase pieces of interest.

Our team seeks to make contemporary Iranian and Australian art available to collectors through online technology and our professional services from our team in Australia and Iran. We have collected works from both young and renowned artists that accommodate all perspectives and interests. In conjunction with our high-quality pieces, our transportation policies guarantee peace of mind during delivery to and from AJ Art Gallery.

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Meet the team

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Anahita Javadi
Gallery Curator and Owner

Anahita Javadi is a successful entrepreneur and business owner ranging from currency exchange to retail. Javadi’s work ethic stemmed from an early age and has developed into successful companies she owns and manages such as Javadi Exchange, and NewEx based in Sydney and Melbourne. Through her ongoing motivation to create places of elegance and professionalism, Javadi has laid down the foundation of AJ Art Gallery by bringing together a trusted team in Australia and Iran. Javadi believes that through the fusion of online technology and reliable, personalised services, global artists can be given the place they deserve within the booming Australian art scene. Through AJ Art Gallery, Javadi strives to give easy access to a world of international culture through art from distant lands.

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Shirin Kazemnia
Painter and Collector

She is a painter, collector and director of

Ansou Gallery in Iran. He graduated from Al-Zahra University of Arts in 1995. In her opinion, AJ Art Gallery has the potential to bring forth oriental art lovers so that they can withhold pieces that speak of global cultures in their homes without travelling. She is interest in the philosophy of Alain Dubaton and thinks that art can be like therapy which can help people develop a deeper connection with their true selves.

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Mehrdad Asgari
Curator and Graphic designer

Mehrdad Asgari has a master’s degree in graphics and has an array of experience in the creative arts world. He works as a university lecturer in Visual Arts and an Art Consultant for an Anso Gallery, Iran. Additionally, Asgari manages an advertising company which he owns. Asgari believes that the expansion of cultural relations between countries is necessary for the people of the world and considers art to be the best way to create communication through a visual language that can be understood by all people of the world.