Shirin davati Kazemnia Profile

Shirin Davati Kazemnia

Shirin Davati , Art Graduate from the Alzahra University, Few years after graduation she moved to north coast of the country mainly to escape the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the capital, Having moved there it did not take ages until she found out about existance of an art academy run by "Nami Petgar", a well known iranian contemporary painter, in the very same city she reside in, Consequenstly Shirin joined his ongoing painting academy and started a long professional journey as she developed a unique perspective about art and philosophical spirit of it. Shirin believes her incentives for painting is based on a feeling arise when facing dark incontrovertible subjective truth of human psyche. Roughly 5 years ago Shirin opened up her own art school/gallery aiming on constant development of the diverse groups of her students.