Jalaleddin Mashmooli

Jalaleddin Mashmooli

BORN : 1977 - IRAN

Director of Hajm Sabz Art Group

Secretary of art project in the village

holding 33 individual exhibitions Holding and participating in more than 100 group exhibitions

Publication of the book "Pioneers of Contemporary Art in the World" (An overview on the biography of thirty painter in modernism period of Europe) Publication of the book "Persia's literary and artistic figures entitled by face-to-face.

1. Individual Painting Exhibition in Paris- solo - In Linda Farrell Gallery -February, 2017.
2. Individual Painting Exhibition in France- solo - Rangane Gallery – Barbizon City -September 2016
3. Painting Exhibition by Three Iranian Artists in Germany in 2013 - Hamburg – Kunst aus
4. an der alster Gallery Exhibition of Iranian artists at the Malaysian Cube Gallery entitled by "Art in the village". Kuala Lumpur-2011- Cube Gallery

Implementation of painting and art workshops in 45 villages of Iran from 2007 to 2012

1. Painting Exhibition Gallery of Works. Tehran , Asar Art gallery, December 2005
2. Painting exhibition entitled by "Here is my whole village". Daryabeigi Gallery. Tehran. May 2006
3. painting exhibition entitled by "Lights of Iranian Artists House". Nami Art Gallery. February 2007
4. Painting Exhibition entitled by "Daukhter of Mash Hossein Agha". Seyhoun Art Gallery. Tehran. February 2008
5. Painting Exhibition entitled by "When I Became Urban". 7 Ayeneh Gallery. June 2010
6. Design exhibition entitled by "Doshanbeh Bazar" 7 Ayeneh Gallery. More than 1007 designs per day. March 2011
7. Painting exhibition entitled by "MaAhi". Hanna Gallery. Tehran. November 3th, 2013
8. Painting & Design Exhibition. “ yellow cow “ . Gallery No. 26. Tehran. 1th until 12th June, 2015
9. Painting exhibition entitled by "Black River’s boys". Hepta Gallery. Tehran. May 31th to June 9th, 2016
10. Painting exhibition entitled by "Anywhere but Here" Hepta Art Gallery. November 3th. 2017
11. Painting exhibition entitled by "Wind from the East”. Art Center Gallery. January 27th to March 2th, 2017
12. painting exhibition by “ cow under the poplar” at the aknoon art gallery in
isfahan . julay 2018