Ahmad Nasrolahi

Ahmad Nasrollahi

Born in Babol, Iran,1951

Beginning of painting empirically,1966

Enjoying the experiences of artists such as Ali Akbar Safaian, Bahram Alivandi and ...,1977

-“A research based exhibition of five decades of Ahmad Nasrollahi’s paintings”, Vala Art Museum, Tehran

2019 Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

- “Mythological Journey”, d’Angers Art Gallery, Semnan, Iran
- Ladder Art Space, Melbourne, Australia

- Cultural Centre of Chekhov, Moscow, Russia
- Haji Firouz Exhibition, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

- Peace in Frame Exhibition, International Peace Gallery Red
- Crescent Society, Tehran, Iran (Granted the Dove of Peace 2 Symbol by Red Crescent)

2012 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 Two Decades of Haji Firouz, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2005 View Gallery Shanghai,China

2004 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2003 Contemporary Arts, Museum of Isfahan, Iran

2002 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2001 Contemporary Arts, Museum of Isfahan, Iran

2000 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1999 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1998 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1997 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1996 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1995 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1994 Haji Firouz Exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran 3

- Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Babolsar

1992 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1991 Noor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1990 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

1989 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran 1977 First Solo Exhibition Blue Gallery, Babol, Iran

2021 Auction 99, Seyhoun Gallery,Tehran

2020 “From North”, Khayyam Gallery,Tehran

2020 Centerless, Ev Art Gallery, Tehran
- 7th Anniversary of Nooran Art Gallery, Nooran Art Gallery, Qa’emshahr, Iran

-"Meeting", 6th Visual Arts Exhibition of Babol Art Gallery in Sa Gallery, Tehran
- “100th Exhibition”, a selection of artworks from Babol Art Gallery’s Archive along with a lecture by art professors
- “The Third Paintings Exhibition of Iranian elite Visual Artists”, Ayrik Gallery, Tehran
- Kish “Drawing Week” Exhibition, Mika Art Gallery, Sadaf Gallery, Kish, Iran, along with speech and workshop about contemporary drawing
- “A 100 Many Splendoured Things” Exhibition, Stainless Gallery, New Delhi, India
- Expanse, Painting Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Artists in Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
- Group Art Exhibition (Sculpture, Painting, Photography), DD Art and Cultural Center, Izadshar, Mazandaran, Iran
- “Challenge+1” Exhibition, Transactional Interactional Fair, Nooran Gallery, Ghaemshahr, Iran
- Abi (Blue) Painters Group, in favor of Global Museum Day, Babol Museum (Ganjineh), Babol, Iran
- Peace Memory Exhibition (Group Painting exhibition) in favor of Global Museum Day, Ansou Art Gallery, Noshahr, Iran
- “Beyond Spring” Exhibition, Visual Art Works of Contemporary Artists, Saba Art and Cultural Institute, Farshchian and Larzadeh Gallery
- “From Astara to Astarabad” Exhibition, The most Prominent painting and Sculpture Masters in Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan Provinces, 5 Gallery,
Noshahr, Iran
- “Drawing Movement” Exhibition, Shavadon Gallery, Shooshtar, Khoozestan, Iran
- “Art’s Foursome” Visual Arts Festival, Museum of the Qasr Prison (Qasr Garden & Museum), Tehran, Iran (Danger Gallery)
- 6th Anniversary of Nooran Art Gallery Establishment, Nooran Art Gallery, Qa’emshahr, Iran
- “Suspended Memories”, Sepand Painters Group, DD Art and Cultural Center, Izadshahr, Iran
- “Opportunity”, the First Annual Exhibition of Visual Forums of Iranian Artists Forum, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
- “The Meaning Horizon”, Asoorik Art Gallery, Motel (Salmanshahr), Iran

- “Metamorphosis”, Adahan Hotel, 1 Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
- “The summer”, The 5th visual art exhibition of Babol Art Gallery in Tehran, Iranian Academy of the Arts, Farshchian Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- “Self-Portrait”, Khayyam Gallery, Babol, Iran
- Ladder Art Space, Melbourne, Australia
- Drawing Exhibition of Iranian Artists Generations,“Hammer and Drawing”, Drawing Museum, Tehran, Iran
- Solouk Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- “An Abstract Trail”, Samanvai Art Gallery, Jaipur, India

- DD Art and Cultural Center, Izadshahr, Mazandaran, Iran
- “Chelchela” Painting Exhibition, 56 Artworks from 56 Painters above 40 years old, Shaygan Gallery, Nowshahr, Iran
- “Hesitation form and color”, Farmanfarma Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- “Postcardese”, Haan Art Gallery, Tehran and Shiraz, Iran
- Auction of Small Artworks from Great Artists (Kermanshah Earthquake Support), Khayyam Gallery, Babol, Iran
- Seyhoun Art Gallery 50thAnniversary, Tehran, Iran 2016
- Exhibition of "Art; Tradition and Modernism Art" in Shams Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- “Amordad”, Remembering Abbas Kiarostami, Afrand Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- “1001 Plates”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran
- Visual Arts Exhibition on the Occasion of 115th Anniversary of the Birth of Noshirvani, Babol, Iran
- The Commemoration of First Anniversary of Exhibition for “Prides in Iranian Visual Arts” Ayrik Gallery, Tehran, Iran

- Art Exhibition in the Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
- “Time to Talk” 100 Contemporary Artists from Iran, Art Exhibition in Satura art Gallery, Genoa, Italy 11th International Art Fair in Switzerland with 28 Works selected from the Works of Association of Iranian Painters

- Abstraction and Expression Exhibition,Pardis Gallery Mellat, Tehran, Iran

2009 Art Exhibition, Belarus
- Art Exhibition in Niavaran Palace-Museum, Tehran, Iran
- Art Exhibition in the Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

- Participation in Christy’s Winter Auction, Dubai
- Art Exhibition in Sa’daabad Palace-Museum, Tehran, Iran

2006 International Art Exhibition, Beijing

- International Art Exhibition, Switzerland
- 3rd Art Exhibition of Islamic World, Iran Academy of Art, Tehran, Honor Plate as a Selected Artist

2002 Second Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Art of Islamic World, Tehran, Iran

- Spiritual View, Art Exhibition, Contemporary Arts Museum of Tehran, Iran
- Exhibition of 100 Years of Iranian Arts, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- Art Exhibition, Niavaran Palace-Museum, Tehran, Iran

2001 Exhibition of Art in Leighton House Museum, London

- Exhibition in Oldham Gallery, England
- 5th Biennial of Iranian Art, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, Iran
- An Outlook of Iranian Contemporary Drawing, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, Iran

The First International Exhibition of Drawing, Tehran, Iran
4th Biennial of Art, UAE, Sharjah

1998 International Art Exhibition, Venice

- International Art Exhibition, Beijing
- International Art Exhibition, Paris

1993 International Art Exhibition, Florence

- First Biennial of Iranian Painting, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, Iran
- International Export Exhibition

1971 First Group Exhibition, House of Youth, Babol, Iran

1974-2004 Instructor of the Ministry of Education

1978-1984 Supervisor of Free Painter’s Group

- Management of Blue Visual Studio (Later Abi Gallery)
- Curator of Art Exhibitions in Blue Gallery
- Teaching Painting to Children and Teenagers
- Publishing Several Articles and Lectures on Children’s Art

2005 Jury of 1st Iranian Sand Sculptures Festival (Babolsar, Caspian Seacoast)

- Jury of 1st Iranian Design Festival (Tehran, Sandozy Museum)
-Honorary Member of Association of Iranian Painters (Member No:8727)
-The Director of 5th National Festival of Self-Taught Artists, Mokarrameh Ghanbari Museum, Darikandeh, Iran