Shahram Seif

Shahram Safe

Safe spent most of his youth in the beautiful nature of Fars province, this period of his life based on his beliefs and values. It has been very impressive Between the ages of 5 and 8, he spent time in Merv Dasht near Persepolis near Shiraz. As a child, he experienced a lot of excitement from the ancient site and the remains of Persepolis, and the discoveries and games of the time. His childhood was so different, that it had a profound effect on his personality. At the age of 8, he started painting with Professor Jamshid Karimi and Professor Rouhbakhsh in Jahrom. In 4881 he went to France, studied French and studied painting privately. On his return to Iran in 4886, he continued to study painting with Alireza Atrvash.

In 1994, he began studying painting at Tehran University of Fine Arts, and in 1 998, he graduated. Petger was a wellknown professor of painting at the university, and he was also an outstanding student of the professor. Early in his acquaintance with him, Shahram Seif worked as an assistant and later as a friend and colleague with the famous professor Petgar. From the age of 46, Seif, as a young painter, was interested in all the methods . While Shahram was experimenting with Dolly, Salvador Dolly died and his death had a profound effect on his artistic life. Lays .

And he was one of the 14 painters selected by UNICEF to paint Nima Yoshij in collaboration with Morteza Momayez and Ali Nedayi in 1998 . He was born in Shiraz in 1970 and lives in Tehran.

At the age of 20he suffered from a physical attack that remained unknown for years and in 2013 he was diagnosed with MS.